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The application is very simple but solves an extremely important issue - how to memorize thousands of secure passwords for sites we use?

A simple idea

Memorize your PIN and picture - no more passwords

100% Secure

We don't store your sites, pictures, PINs or send them anywhere. Today and forever.

Easy to use

Enter the URL (or part) of your site, select a picture and provide PIN to get a unique and complex password.

How reImaginePassword works?

Have you ever kept a secret file with passwords? Have used the same password on numerous pages? Or maybe you have used an original pattern to generate a password? Or perhaps you have used advanced software to store passwords? Or maybe being fed up with the problem you have kept all passwords in your favorite browser where your passwords were "secure" on the server but you didn’t have the access to?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, know that reImaginePassword works in a completely different way - it neither stores any passwords nor sends them to an unknown cloud or any other place you don’t know about. reImaginePassword generates a complicated password for you based on the URL address, a unique photo that you took yourself, and a short PIN code of your choice made of a few digits.

  • 100% safe
  • No Internet & WiFi access required
  • No phone, camera, messaging required
  • We don't store your password anywhere
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Why would you trust us?

I know that you are probably still worried about your safety thinking that we could log in for you? Or maybe that we will send your password to our email or our server? We give you a 100% security guarantee because:
1) You never provide your email address, phone number or any other personal information in the application - and without it, even if we stole your password, we wouldn’t be able to login anywhere on your behalf.
2) The application does not require the access to the Internet or WiFI network - so we will not send anything anywhere
3) The application does not use the phone, camera or text messages - so we will not send you anything
Still don’t believe it? During the installation, the system on your device will show you exactly what permissions are required and you will not find anything other than the access to the photo library - it will be necessary for you to indicate the key photo.

  • No login, phone number, email address required
  • No WiFi access required
  • No Internet access required
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App Screenshot

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Some FAQ’s

Do you have any other questions? Check out these.

Because we generate a unique password for each site, even if your password is stolen by a hacker, other sites are safe, because other passwords are unique, and it is impossible to recreate one password from another.
This is a very sad thing, but your passwords are safe because without the correct name of the site (typed in by you), PIN, and the known picture no one can generate your password.
You need to use the password recovery option on a remote site and use reImaginePassword to generate a new password for you. Then you can log to the site again.
Because we need a strong random sequence to generate a unique password, the best picture would be one taken by you and not available online.
PIN, similarly to the picture, is used to generate a random sequence so it should be unique and hard to guess. 4-6 digits for simple sites are good enough.
You can generate a password for any site you need. You can generate passwords not only for websites but also for computers, game logins etc. Get your own method for example:, or simply facebook. You can add the year or even month to get a unique password per year or month.

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